"To Be is perhaps as a spark that glows in ever-changing hues, creating for an instant the presence of color in the darkness of infinity.
Glow brightly and beautifully!
For the instant is now... and infinity approaches."

Roxanne McCauley

Forms in Space
48" x 36"
Oil on Canvas


In the Eye of the Beholder
38" x 66"
oil, wood, metal on cavas

In honor of all artists who have spread a canvas before the works of a master in order to replicate and learn.

Mes Enfants
oil on canvas
36" x 48"

Still Life
oil on canvas
36" x 42"

Saw this handsome fellow at the fish market and took him home for a portrait. For a week, he took up residence in the refrigerator between sittings. And then... he was gone!

Rocky Mountain High
acrylic on plaster wall
10 ft. x 6 ft.

The original painting was done on all four walls, floor to ceiling, of a childs bedroom. The cast of characters included, among others:

- Ethiopian hedgehog
- Tiger
- Mother and Baby Elephant
- Giraffe
- Boa
- Lion
- Baboon
- Dik-dik
- African Crane
- Horn-bill
- Monkey
- Aligator
- Owl
- Bat-eared foxes
- Spitting Cobra
- Tree frogs
- Hippos
- Boomslang

Painting it was quite an adventure!!


Owner Al Baker of Temecula, CA named his CJ-6 Chinese-built military pilot training airplane - "Dragon Lady." He then commissioned the artist to create and paint a vampy lady dragon to adorn both sides of the nose of the plane.

Copyright 1978-2009 Roxanne McCauley
All Rights Reserved