This cell is a preview of a separate website which is in the making. It will focus primarily on the establishment and production of the artist's own sculpture including the step by step process of the making of a monumental work..

The sculpture studio and foundry is known as


For the past five years the artist has been fabricating the furnaces and equipment for a foundry having the capability for up to 250 lb. bronze pours. Completion is on the horizon and the installation of the foundry, and the sculpting and fabrication of artworks will be part of the activities of the website. It will be an exciting place to visit as it is intended to be informative and entertaining as well. The opening will be posted on this website.

 The Stargazer
plaster maquette
18" high

Golden Legacy This 300lb bronze sculpture of a Golden Eagle guarding a lone egg in a nest has been purchased and installed at the Visitors Center on the Santa Rosa Plateau Preserve. It was sponsored by the Guidant Corporation.
Silicon Bronze
4 1/2 ft. high


Welding in Process
Pouring branches
Sand blasting building

7 ft. high
collaborative work
with daughter Juliet
w elded tractor parts

A Day in the Life of an Apple
lifesize bronze

My Mother's Lap  
stoneware clay
30" tall

Legends of
Bits and pieces from the beaches of Assateague Island, VA. Wild horses live on the island, but all I could find of the horses is represented in this piece as..............!
18" x 18" resin-bonded
cast bronze
Copyright 1978-2009 Roxanne McCauley
All Rights Reserved